What the heck is going on here?!
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Walking Through the Stargate
Zach has never done a podcast. Brent has never seen Stargate. Sounds like a great combination!
Zach and Brent have great friends across time and distance. In the early days, Brent was contributing to a podcast and Zach was watching Stargate. I guess if you stick with something long enough, it’s bound to intersect something else…
Our project is a re-watch/first-watch buddy podcast, which isn’t terribly original, but there are literally zero other podcasts with co-hosts named “Zach” and “Brent”, so we have that going for us.
We frame each episode within the context of its time, provide some insights into the production of every airing, give a run-down of what the episode is about (just in case you forgot), give our thoughts and ratings, and engage with our amazing community of listeners as they share their thoughts.
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The Other Side of the Gate
A podcast within a podcast? Indeed.
Zach and David get to talk about all the spoilery things without that pesky Brent guy hanging around. Subjects have included: Goa’uld Breeding Programs, How many times has the Stargate program been exposed to the public, Deaths and sometimes returns of major characters, and an occasional interview with an expert in a field that relates to Stargate.
A close-up of The Keeper, played by Dwight Schultz, in green face paint. From the episode, The Gamekeeper
Stargate Second Chances
A second podcast within a podcast? Wow!
Zach and Brent re-evaluate their chevron ratings for an episode. Originally a perk for Patreon supporters, it's now just out there for anyone to listen to.